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Describe myself?! what the heck do i say?

i could tell you the boring truth of my existence OR i could spout a lot of nonsense that's entertaining. I choose the latter

I hail from a mystical, magical land that's shrouded in mystery and cow dung...among other forms of crap
The history of my people is vast and unbelievable...sometimes literally. But unfortunately most of it is lost because we had no written language in the beginning, and we were too lazy to actually write anything much later.
I used to have two monstrous beasts which i rode on my quests to find and obliterate magical evil serpent eggs. the two beasts were actually cats, and fine, i'll admit it- never rode them. They were too self-absorbed to ride...always licking themselves, tch.

Yes, i have a friend who's battled with an evil-overlord and saved the world...only to realize that the thing he/she was hacking away at was a large tree stump...and not even a live one. Obvious to say the stump-Lord offered little resistance and my friend emerged victorious...if stupid.
I am allergic to Twilight and all the rabid fangirls who support it. Rabid fangirls are evil and dangerous. I should know. The same friend who killed Stump-Lord also got bitten by a rabid fangirl for saying he/she didn't like a certain book. He/she developed Fangirl-rabies and soon went mad and ended his.her life by plunging into the fandom and forgetting the world around...and also forgetting to eat.

For heaven's sake don't come to me asking if any of this tosh is true! you know it isn't.

I'm just a girl ( no, not an alien/ vampire/ werewolf/ psycho/ any other pretentious single-word description you see on famous peoples' pages)

i do not have such crazy friends...oh well, alright, i have crazy friends, but they're not mad enough to attack trees and go down fandom hell.

No, Trees are not Evil-Overlords.

Serpent eggs are not magical. Quests for them will also yield in finding the serpent that laid them and may land you in the hospital to have poison sucked out of you...if you're lucky.

Cats are not mounts- please don't kill them by imposing your weight on them. They're squishy and cute, but they die pretty easily from suffocation too.

Fangirls, however mad, are not infact, capable of transferring their madness. I still don't suggest aggravating one to bite you- He/she could be carrying a weapon which is more potent than a blunt bite.

I know i m going to look back at this later and regret ever having posted it up...

Le Sigh

For more writing with humour, go to my down there v
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Bruhuhu! I am back...for now.

So , cutting to the chase,

The Last Hunger Games-

I don't know how many people are still reading this. I'd love to hear from you in the comments below if you'd like for me to continue the story.
IF many of you want it to be so, i will get on with it.


I know a few people are reading this. Don't ask, i know.

First off, you have no-oo idea how hard it is to parody Twilight! I'm not saying i don't want to, because i do.

See, you have to read the bloody book, which is tortuous in itself, and then wonder how you can make a story that's already a parody of itself into a parody.

I have come up with a third chapter but i'm not satisfied with it.


either way, if you could comment on this journal post and tell me, i'll know which one to start off first.

thank ye.

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